Electrophoretic Specialists

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Automotive Sector

"Protection on the move"

Design concepts for automotive trim.

Protective systems for structural parts.

Low friction coating systems: For freedom of movement and noise reduction.

Example – Developing a coating for automotive Hi-Fi system loudspeaker cover. (see movie)

Architectural Sector

"Protection in place"

Premium process: Anodised aluminium + LECTRASEAL = Super Performance. To these standards:

International Standard:

ISO 28340:2013 "Combined coatings on aluminium – General specifications for combined coatings of electrophoretic organic coatings and anodic oxidation coating on aluminium".

Japanese Industrial Standard:

JIS H8602:2010 "Combined coatings of anodic oxide and organic coatings on aluminium and aluminium alloys".


"Protection and Durability"

Architectural hardware: Durable decoration: Resistance to corrosion and abrasion.


"Personal decoration"

Fashion colours: Intricate detail: Optical transparency. Resistance to personal care products.

Consumer Goods

"Decoration – Protection – Function."

Includes: Personal care: Giftware: Electronics: Sporting goods: Musical Instruments.