Electrophoretic Specialists

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Research & Development

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Facilities in our well-equipped laboratories for product development and testing:

  • Salt Spray corrosion and humidity test cabinets.
  • Accelerated Weathering – Xenon Arc and QUV.
  • Abrasion test – Taber Abraser.
  • Impact and flexibility testing.
  • Gas Chromatography (GC).
  • Infra-Red Spectroscopy (FTIR).
  • Ultrasonic, Electrolytic and Plasma surface treatment.
  • Vacuum deposition (PVD).
  • UV Curing by mercury vapour and LED methods.
  • UV Radiometry.
  • Coating thickness and gloss measurement.
  • Single and Multi-Angle Colour spectroscopy.
  • Hardness by Erichsen and pencil methods.
  • Optical microscopy.

LVH Coatings Capabilities


Systems cured using ultraviolet light (UV). Metallized plastic and temperature sensitive applications.


High resolution imaging system for the production of printed circuit boards, nameplates and photo-fabrication.


Satin metallic and pearlescent effects.


Very low temperature thermal cure system. Polyurethane/polyether.


Electrically conductive coatings produced by electrophoresis. Application examples: Static electricity grounding; primer for multi-layer electrophoresis.


Hard abrasion resistant nanocomposite coating with high optical transparency.


Low friction coating systems for easy sliding of touching surfaces.


Organic sealant for anodized aluminium. High performance coating system for aluminium, zinc and magnesium.


Decorative and protective systems for general use. Clear lacquer. Tinted effects. Opaque colours and gloss effects. Polyurethane copolymer, thermal cure.


Special systems for painting by tumbling in a barrel. Sample application: screws.


Immersion process in special water based paint bath. Paint is deposited by applying electrical power. Complete and even coverage of paint is ensured. For complicated shapes it can be the only reliable method of painting.